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Francisco Banha
"Today we celebrate 12 years of work and service, rendered not only to the Entrepreneurial Community but also to investors, both institutional and from the Business Angels Community, expanding greatly in the several associations throughout the country.

And this congress has that feature of being, simultaneously, a focus of several centralities, gathering entrepreneurship, innovation and financing in a sole venue gathering ideas and sharing knowledge and good practices.

One of the great starting points of this congress is to challenge everyone that is here today, to look at the present with creativity and rethinking the current models, setting aside any bias that can show a reductive vision to overcoming the crisis.

Creativity is the entrepreneur’s basic essence and, so, human beings are entrepreneurs because their wish to create is inherent to their DNA.

However, this does not justify the way as we speak about, and as we face today, entrepreneurship as if it was a simple escape measure to unemployment or, more than that, an automatic solution to economic recovery.

Entrepreneurship can be faced as a long term bet that should be initiated in the basic teaching curricula and go through the several teaching levels, allowing that children and young people, since early years, try out and are challenged to develop entrepreneurial features.

Besides that, and as I stated several times when I speak about entrepreneurs: “the strength of an idea is measured by its reach and acceptance, but also by the support actions’ efficacy to those ideas aiming to making it real”."

Francisco Banha, CEO Gesventure, S.A.

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