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VCIT’s focus are the conferences, which take place during two congress days and are divided into four thematic sessions.

Since 2000 Gesventure is proud of getting together in Lisbon international experts in the field of venture capital, Business Angels, entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re launching this event with a great satisfaction, because we feel the motivation and networking that resut from this dinamic impulse for new businesses.

At a time where we assist to a significant raise of the available investment funds for early stage through venture capital companies or business angels not only in Portugal, but also in Europe, it matters to continue to make known to the National Entrepreneurial Community, the leading actors of the Financing Ecosystem, so that they’ll be able to acess these precious instruments of business development.

Portugal holds a Co-Investment Fund with Business Angels in the scope of COMPETE program, which is a reference across Europe and has motivated more then 200 portuguese Business Angels to launch 54 investment vehicles, with the ability to leverage 45 millions of euros of investment; 14 venture capital companies, with a more compatible attitude to face the needs of the financing initial stages are also envolved with COMPETE Program, holding more then 200 millions of euros that have to be invested, as well as the allocation of the Business Angels during the next 30 months, according to this Program.

The companies that venture investors are interested (Business Angels and early stage funds) are the ones who will perform a role in tomorrow’s society.

If you have a project aiming a market opportunity clearly identified with potential growth, a quality product/ service, financial returns, innovation, realistic business model and, most of all, a perceptible exit (a medium term trade sale of the investor’s portfolio) therefore, please, register in the biggest national venture capital Event.

The space to discuss ideas is fundamental to this sort of events and, at the end of the talks, there’ll always be a debate period, where the audience and speakers are encouraged to share their ideas.

We belive that again this year, we’ll be capable of attracting the society’s interest to this issues, which are crucial to the business environment, filling it with supply and demand of investment capital.

We’re counting on you to support us in this initiative.











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