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Venture Capital IT is the reference event in Portugal in the Venture Capital area. A group of national and international specialists in Entrepreneurship, New Technologies and Venture Capital gathers during the two days of the event to discuss ideas about projects, concepts, tendencies, among many other approaches.

The congress gives equally the opportunity of some entrepreneurs to present to the public present there their project, expecting to have attention from the interest of potential investors.

Besides the presented projects in the elevator pitch way to all the audience, there will happen at the same time, private sessions with a VCS, where projects and entrepreneurs previously selected by Gesventure, will try to raise capital.

VCIT ends its works with the usual delivery of prizes to all that evidenced themselves in the following plans: Innovation, Internationalization and Entrepreneurship.

7th Venture Capital IT Opening Speech


Francisco Banha
Gesventure, S.A.
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