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VCIT centres itself, mostly, in the conferences that take place during the two days of the congress, and that are divided in 4 different theme sessions.

In the 6 editions that already happened, we have been giving increasing evidence to internationalization, bringing to Portugal respected speakers of several actuation fields and countries. The fact that we bring to our country speakers from United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, China, Canada, United States, Brazil, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, South Africa, among others, which allows to evidence the international character not only of the event like also of the Venture Capital itself.

To the 7th VCIT the bet in internationalization will continue, thus like the specificity of the themes in debate.

The space to ideas discussion is essential in this kind of events, having always in the end of the sessions a period of debate where the public and speakers are stimulated to a confrontation of ideas.










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