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Venture Capital IT is the reference event in Portugal in the Venture Capital area. A group of national and international specialists in Entrepreneurship, New Technologies and Venture Capital gathers during the two days of the event to discuss ideas about projects, concepts, tendencies, among many other approaches.

The congress gives equally the opportunity of some entrepreneurs to present to the public present there their project, expecting to have attention from the interest of potential investors.

Besides the presented projects in the elevator pitch way to all the audience, there will happen at the same time, private sessions with a VCS, where projects and entrepreneurs previously selected by Gesventure, will try to raise capital.

VCIT ends its works with the usual delivery of prizes to all that evidenced themselves in the following plans: Innovation, Internationalization and Entrepreneurship.

6th Venture Capital IT Opening Speech


Francisco Banha
CEO, Gesventure, S.A.
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Dr. Jaime Andrez
President of IAPMEI
Dr. Miguel Athayde Marques
President of Euronext Lisboa
Dr. João Vicente Ribeiro
President of PME Investimentos


Dr. Mário Pinto
President of APCRI
Ajay K. Kapur
SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd - India
Dr. William Kilmer
Managing Director for Western Europe,
Intel Capital, United Kingdom
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Craig Settles

Defining a Profitable Mobile Deployment in 2006

The pace of mobile application deployments is rapidly accelerating in organizations of all sizes. Three factors are convincing people to move forward and also defining the success of these deployments: 1) the business case, 2) security and 3) simplicity of execution. Business strategist and columnist Craig Settles shows you how organizations weave these factors into a deployment that enables them to cut costs, increase revenues and run a better business.

Receive guidelines for effectively identifying end user needs as well as cost and revenue centers that wireless can impact so you develop a realistic business case with obtainable objectives. Discover why the greatest ROI often comes from mobilizing the least number of tasks. Learn how to create a “culture of security” among line of business managers which lowers the threat of data and device loss.

Mr. Settles offers insights and practical tips to make your deployment a winner. This presentation is ideal for those who have a mandate to evaluate or execute a strategy plan for mobile and wireless technology in their organization.









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