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Christophe Chausson


Christophe founded Chausson Finance in 1992 and has over 18 years of venture capital experience. Prior to creating Chausson Finance, he was the head of venture capital firm Groupe 23 and was a General Partner at Profinance, a private equity fund.

Christophe graduated from Paris Dauphine with a major in finance and started his career in marketing with Publicis and Euro RSCG.

What Christophe likes to do best is act as a venture catalyst, bringing vision, people, finance and technology in a creative way for fast growing companies.

Alongside his position at Chausson Finance, Christophe is a business-angel in 20+ companies (Photoways, NetCentrex, Apach Networks, Agregator, ...) and sits at several companies' boards. He is also advisory board member of two venture capital firms (OTC Innovation and Ofivalmo) and co-founder of Green Recovery, a private equity fund investing in distressed companies.

I founded Chausson Finance on the fact that entrepreneurs seeking external financing for the first time are usually facing investors, who, on their part, are experiencing their 250th deal. This lack of experience, expertise and knowledge prejudices the entrepreneurs' interests in the negotiations, diminishing both the company's valuation and the founders' ability to select the best investor.

Chausson Finance aims to fill that gap by supporting the entrepreneur in the key steps of the fund raising process, including drafting the business plan, selecting the best investors, performing the valuation, negotiating the shareholders' agreement and finally, closing the deal.