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Antoine Garrigues


Antoine Garrigues, 50, Managing Partner

Antoine Garrigues has been with Iris Capital since 1993. He is responsible for all of Iris Capital’s investments in the communications and IT industries. He is currently on the boards of directors of Smart Telecom, N-Soft, Kiala and Kiwi I Ventures (advisory board). He was previously on the boards of Telesystem International Wireless (TIW), Wavecom, Magyar Telecom, AXS Telecom, Orange Denmark, SLP Infoware, Extrapole and E-via.

Prior to joining Iris Capital, Antoine Garrigues was the Director of International Affairs and Development for Dassault A.T., a subsidiary of Dassault Group which specialises in banking computer systems and mobile communications. He was also responsible for corporate business development. His other experiences include being the head of export financial services of the railroad division of Schneider Group and being the project manager for the engineering work of the Caracas, Venezuela subway system.

Antoine Garrigues is a graduate of the French Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées engineering schools (Paris)