Lisbon, 25 and 26 May



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  Theme Panels
Investments and Technology(morning of the 25th)

- Market Turnaround and the return of IPO?
- IT: A vision over information systems for the last years
- Opportunities in the New Technologies
- How can short cycles of life influence investments?
- Questions about Corporate Governance on the Venture Capital Investments

CASE STUDY - Paulo Neves – SDEM – Soc. Desenv. da Madeira


Faria de Oliveira, Hospitais Privados Portugueses
Diogo Horta e Costa, PT Investimentos Internacionais
Paulo Ramos, Pararede
Nasser Sattar, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Moderadora: - Maria Miguel (Semanário Económico)

From Concept to Action(afternoon of the 25th)

- The critical points in launching a new business
- Focusing R&D on product commercialisation
- Building a good Business Plan and using it to raise capital
- Basic Principles to create a company

CASE STUDY - Stephen Grech, South Africa


Chris Curtis – CEED Canada
Shai Vyakarnam – Cambridge University
David Key, Brand New Venture
José Roquette, Pestana Pousadas Group

Moderator: - Ricardo Câmara e Sousa (Univ Nothingam)

Investors vs. Entrepreneurs(morning of the 26th)

- Entrepreneur/ Business Angel relations
- How to work day-by-day with future partners
- Understanding the relationship investors-promoters
- Entrepreneur and Investor prerequisites

CASE STUDY - Mark Delamere, Nottingham University


Maria Eugénia Magro, Banco Efisa
Jack Lang, Serial Entrepreneur
Francisco Fonseca da Silva, B.Português Gestão
Nicolas Eymard, Maaf Gestion - P. Equity

Moderator: - Prof. Doutor Luís Nandim de Carvalho

The triangle: Portugal - Brasil, Portuguese Speaking Africa(afternoon of the 26th)

- What is the best investment strategy in these markets?
- Venture Capital in Africa?
- Prior areas/ sectors?
- Support and cooperation?

CASE STUDY - Siagri Moçambique, Dr. Jorge Santos


Francisco Banha, Gesventure
Miguel Afonso, A Promotora (Cabo Verde)
Jorge Barata Preto, GCI (Moçambique)
Samy Kopit, BNDES (Brasil)
Banco do Nordeste

Moderator: - Mestre Rui de Carvalho



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