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#1 - July, 2005



7th Gesventure Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal

Venture Capital, Biotechnology and Business Angels
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PME Investimentos invest in Start-Ups

PME Investimentos sent a positive sign to the market approving 13 start-up projects with a global value of 13 million in the 1st semester.



Francisco Banha

Gesventure, C.E.O.  

Christophe Chausson
Chausson Finance, C.E.O.
Partner Gesventure
"Wellcome to our global communication network! This is our first international newsletter, dedicated to inform not only
all those who have in the past colaborated with us, but also everyone who, around the world, is interested to know what is happening in Portugal about Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship."

Check our opinion about investment trends in the text:

The Future Stars of Venture Capital
"It's important for the entrepreneur to know the tendencies that, in each moment, are being followed by Venture Capitalists, I mean, which are the hot sectors that they identify to make their investments. But how can we identify this investor behaviour? Certainly that the answer to this question ends up being awkward because, following the tendency is, probably, the best way to fail." 
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Gesventure and Business Angels Club join EBAN
Gesventure is now a member of EBAN (European Business Angel Network). Business Angels Club, available at, is the only portuguese group dedicated to promote Business Angels. Since 1999, Gesventure already gathered 18 business angels and helped promoting nine operations with a global value of 14,6 million. [press release]

Recent References
During the 1st semester of 2005, we have directly supported the following operations:

"capital type"; "company"; "capital raised"
seed; BioTrend; 425.000
seed; GlucoPrime; 175.000
seed; Localiser;480.000
start-up; Satellite Newspaper; 485.000
F&A; PMS - Fonte Viva; confidencial

Venture Capital numbers in Portugal
Portuguese Venture Capital Association (APCRI), Ernst & Young and Gesventure present you the numbers of Venture Capital in Portugal during the year of 2004.

Interview to Francisco Banha 
by Quality Magazine
"I believe that the main challenge is still the creation of a healthy environment level if we want growth to happen! This is what nature itself clearly shows us. It's certain that we don't make things grow in the nature, despite that, we can create suitable conditions for growth to happen."

5th Venture Capital IT - Wellcome Speech
by Francisco Banha
The achievement of this 5th Congress is, all alone, an unequivocal demonstration of vitality of the entrepreneur spirit of young Portuguese and of the commitment of Gesventure in the development of their ideas, in an active and diligent effort looking for its practical execution.

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