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#3 - October, 2005

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7th Gesventure Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal

Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Business Angels
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Key Note Speakers:

Professor Dr. João Lobo Antunes
Neurocurgery Catedratic Professor Lisbon's Medicine Faculty

Dr. Claude Rameau
France Angels President, France

Professor Carlos Zorrinho
(a confirmar)

Lisbon Strategy National Coordinator

Dr. Pedro Pissara
CEO Biotecnol

Presentations Preview:

Alfama Project and Technologic Based Companies Development
Alfama is a pharmaceutical start-up company focusing on the development of
small-molecule anti-inflammatory drugs. Alfama's novel, proprietary
therapeutic approach holds the promise of producing a major impact in the
combat against diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, myocardial
infarction, psoriasis and atherosclerosis. Alfama has recently raised its
first round of venture capital funding - the largest ever for a biotech
start-up in Portugal - and has since re-organized itself by establishing a
holding company in Cambridge, USA, and by gathering a multinational team of
talented scientists and managers.
Nuno Arantes Oliveira
CEO Alfama

Raising Capital ina  Biotech Start-Up. BioTrend Case Study
Since its beggining, BioTrend as questioned itself: Venture Capita, yes, or no? As an answer we got many more questions: what it is? what for? When? How? This presentation will analyse BioTrend evolution from the project to the recent venture capital investment.
Bruno Sommer
CEO BioTrend

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Francisco Banha

Gesventure, C.E.O.  

The Importance of Venture Catalysts
To successfully obtain equity capital, the entrepreneur must necessarily pass through several stages like writing the business plan, selecting investors, contacts, financial planning and negotiations, which are not easy and that’s why the Anglo-Saxon markets turn to specialized operators as something fundamental to the success of venture capital operations... [full text]


Gesventure is promoting a new series of Elevator Pitch Sessions. After the explicit success of previous editions (Venture Capital IT, Gesventure Meetings and Business by the Morning) that led to a €9,3 million capital raising in 10 operations, we are once more receiving business plans to promote.

This promotion will consist in a public presentation to the audience during the 7th Gesventure Meeting and a private meeting with investors, both taking place on next 9th November.

TO participate in this innitiative, please send us your business plan os project presentation to the following e-mail until 28th October:

The following projects were successfull in the previous Elevator Pitch editions:

€485.000, Start-Up
“It is very hard to raise less then €500.000 in the Venture Capital market, reason why we are greatfull to Gesventure for supporting us in raising the amount we were in need to grow up. Gesventure also allowed us to access valuable channels that resulted in new international clients.”
Bernardo da Fonseca, CEO of Sattelite Newspapers

€480.000, Seed Capital
To conceive the Localizer project, with the mission of allowing citizens to use localization and mobility systems, I had a necessity to select an investor suitable with our ambitions. The choice of Gesventure, company with a profound knowledge on entrepreneurship and negotiations with investors, allowed me to obtain the necessary funds in a short term to the implementation of the project. My recognition and my felicitations to Gesventure’s team in the success of the selection of a real partner with surplus value in the development of Localizer project."
Raul Mota, CEO of Localiser – Mobility Sistems

€175.000, Seed Capital
“Gesventure’s support - to who we are very thankful - in the conception phase of our industrial process, was crucial to give us the necessary orientation and take the right steps in a perfect timing, allowing us to be thrilled and motivated to proceed with the development of our project."
Filipe Aguiar, founder of Glucoprime Project

€365.000, Seed Capital
“Raise €350.000 to a project in a start-up phase is, in Portugal, a real challenge. Gesventure knew how – with its profound knowledge about “who is who” in the Portuguese venture capital sector – to gather the best strategic, finance and legal conditions to the first financing round.”
Michel Amorin, CEO of BYSAT



Hubert Rampersad
  with Hubert Rampersad (TPS International)

7th November – O'Porto
8th November - Lisbon

Hubert Rampersad (B.S., M.Sc. e Ph.D.) returns to Portugal to participate in two seminars about Balanced Scorecard implementation.

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Check the french venture capital operations result for the first semester of this year, gathered by our partner Chausson Finance.


Gate2Grouth Venture Academy
19th October. Albacete (Spain)
Sérgio Póvoas – Gesventure's Operation Manager – will participate in this Venture Academy by coaching present entrepreneurs. [Programme] 

1st Seminar "Entrepreneurship & Inovation"
25th October, ISCSP, Lisbon (Portugal)
Francisco Banha – Gesventure's Head Manager - will participate in this first meeting about Entrepreneurship and Inovation moderating the discussion: "Best Practices & Successful Case Studies", together with Gonçalo Quadros (CEO of Critical Software), João Ribeiro da Costa (Chiron SA) and António Galvão Lucas (Dot One SGPS).

EBAN Winter University
15-16th November, Bruxels, Belgium
EBAN (European Business Angel Network) is organizing a seminar dedicated to european business angels. Sérgio Póvoas, responsible for the portuguese - the first group of business angels in Portugal will attend this meeting

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