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7th Gesventure Meeting - Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Business Angels


 9th November  |  2005  |  Lisbon  |  Portugal

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» Speaker Under the Spotlight

Hubert Rampersad
TPS International

Hubert Rampersad returns to Portugal to talk us about his most recent book "Personal Balanced Scorecard" applied to companies of high grouth potential. Hubert is specially atracted by venture capital as he considers that recent created companies, developing fast and complex structures, have a good opportunity to apply Balanced Scorecard since the beggining, instead of developing it later when the companie is already running with all its habits.

During his stay in Portugal, this specialist will realize two seminars, one in OPorto and another in Lisbon, dedicated toBalanced Scorecard.

» Presentation

7th Meeting Presentation

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» Contacts

Luis Galveias

Gesventure, Lda

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Lagoal; 2760-110 Caxias

Tel.: (+351) 214 416 460
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URL: www.gesventure.pt/7encontro 

Francisco Banha
CEO Gesventure


"We now see the creation of favorable conditions to technological and organizational innovation in the Portuguese companies, reinforcing the clusters’ dynamics and its knowledge and competence base. At the same time, there is an increase in company constitution from, biotechnoly and life sciences. Therefore, it's important to create conditions, like an adequate legal-tax framework, that allows to convince a raising number of people, with financial resources and entrepreneurial ability, to become active business angels. This will result in a near future, in our country, cases of success businesses financed in their start-up by informal investors."

Subjects of this 7th Meeting:
- Biotechnology and Life Sciences
- Busines Angels Networks
- Venture Capital Legal Frame

» Elevator Pitch/ Private Sessions

These are innovative initiatives in Portugal but have already showed success in previous Gesventure events. To proove it, there are already many companies that raised capital after participating, namelly: Outsystems, Aqual, Tic-Tac, BioTrend, Satellite Newspapers, Localiser e Bysat.

If you are looking for capital to finance your project, send us your business plan untill 28th October to the following e-mail:
elevatorpitch@gesventure.pt .

What is it?
Elevator Pitch
Five minutes presentation to the attendance with the purpose to get some feedback from present investors.
Private Sessions
Selected projects also have the opportunity to present their business plans to a Venture Capitalist with the purpose to schedule a second and more extensive meeting.  

In 1968, the cientists Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore talked to a very important investor named Arthur Rock to help them in raising money to finance their project - INTEL. Rock, nowadays considered the 'father' of Venture Capital, wrote a Business Plan of 2 pages and raised 2,5 million dollars. Today, INTEL worths 200 billion dollars and is considered one of themost influent hi-tech companies in the world.

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» Why Should You Come to 7th Gesventure Meeting?

- Networking (national and international)
- Motivation
- Knowledge
- Market Trends Update
- Get to Know New Business Ideas
- Close Contact Between Investors and Entrepreneurs
- Important Event in Portuguese Venture Capital Market

» Confirmed Speakers

- Alberto Moreno - Ex-President of Lisbon's Santa Maria Hospital
- António Neto da Silva - Businessman
- Bruno Sommer - BioTrend CEO
- César Bessa Monteiro - Abreu Cardigos & Associados Partner
- Claire Munck - EBAN - European Business Angel Network Director, Belgium
- Claude Rameau - France Angels CEO, France
- Helena Vieira - BioAlvo CEO
- Hubert Rampersad - TPS International CEO, The Netherlands
- João Lobo Antunes - Catedratic Professor of Lisbon's Medicine Faculty
- João Pessoa e Costa - Ambelis President
- João Vicente Ribeiro - PME Investimentos President
- Marta d'Oliveira Gaspar - Lawyer at Abreu Cardigos & Associados
- Nelson Bernardo - Raposo Bernardo & Associados
- Nuno Miranda - ISQ Capital de Risco
- Nuno Arantes de Oliveira - Alfama CEO
- Pedro Pissarra - Biotecnol CEO
- Raymund Vorwerk - BANSON, Germany
- Reginald Vossen - BAN Vlaanderen, Belgium

» International Partners

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