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XIII Gesventure Meeting
The Gesventure Meetings take place since 1999, when Gesventure started its activity as a venture capital catalyst in Portugal.
13th Venture Capital IT
The big international event, held in Portugal, about venture capital and new technologies with the participation of international and national top specialists...


Francisco Banha, CEO
  Francisco Banha is one of the founding partners and CEO of Gesventure.

Presently, he is also President of FNABA (Business Angels National Federation) and Member of the board of EBAN (European Business Angels Network).

Besides being an entrepreneur, he has over 20 years experience career in Corporate Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance.

Francisco Banha holds a Management degree, a Master in Management and a MBA in Business Strategy.

He regularly teaches management, marketing and entrepreneurship courses in Portuguese Universities.

Since the mid-90’s he keeps speaking at conferences, universities, entrepreneurship contests and other public events in order to promote entrepreneurship among young generations.

Francisco Banha published two books, he writes opinion articles for the Portuguese press and keeps a very active Blog.
  Sérgio Póvoas joined Gesventure in 1999 and he is partner since 2007.

He is in charge of Gesventure’s Fund Raising business, particularly focused in early stage ventures.

Sérgio Póvoas has been involved in financial monitoring of companies and shareholders, particularly in private transactions and M & A.

He has a degree in Economics.

He speaks English and French and has a good understanding of Spanish.
Sérgio Póvoas, Partner    
  Carla Coelho chegou à Gesventure em 1999 e é Partner desde 2005.

Carla Coelho joined Gesventure in 1999 and she is partner since 2005.

She is a lawyer specialized in the business area and she is in charge of group’s legal support.

Carla has been involved in all Gesventure’s deals, namely in the process of preparing contract agreements and all the follow up duties regarding legal statuary procedures.

She holds a Law degree.
Carla Coelho, Partner    

António Albino Freire
  Before joining Gesventure, António Albino Freire, seated at the board of many Portuguese companies in banking, venture capital, factoring, leasing, insurance, shipping and health services sectors.

He holds a degree in Economics at ISCEF.

He speaks English and French.
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