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XIII Gesventure Meeting
The Gesventure Meetings take place since 1999, when Gesventure started its activity as a venture capital catalyst in Portugal.
13th Venture Capital IT
The big international event, held in Portugal, about venture capital and new technologies with the participation of international and national top specialists...
Gesventure - Our philosophy
 Our philosophy
Through the last years we have been defending the idea (through the edition of 2 books, opinion articles, seminars and even a master degree thesis) that the Portuguese economy and, consequently, its entrepreneurs, haven't been benefitting the inherent advantages of a venture capital effective industry, unlike american, english and more recently french economies.
Conscious of the excellent opportunity that the actual new technologies market  provides as well as of our limitations, Gesbanha created a Joint Venture (Gesventure – Development of New Technologies, Lda.) with the main French company on gathering venture capital funds, Chausson Finance, to facilitate the processes of start-ups financing in the Portuguese market.

During the last four years, Chausson Finance gathered more than 300 million euros in capital, from venture capital investors allowing the development of 100 start-ups: Solsoft, Intégra, Surgery Online, Datops, Stamptronics, Virtools, Odisei, Staff § Line, AllóCiné, Animation Science, NetCentrex, Jet Software, Delta Partners, etc.

With this association, we intended to bring to the Portuguese market the experience accumulated by Chausson Finance (already associated with High New Ventures in the spanish market) taking advantage of its access to certain funds specialized in the investment of these projects.

We are convicted that this knowledge will allow us to help the entrepreneurs to sucessfully surpass the necessary stages to obtain capital, specifically in: creating business plans, investors selection, contacts, financial planning and negotiations. Besides, it will allow the investors (venture capital societies, private investors and investment societies) to have access to high growth potential projects selection and presentation, support for the new team during the investment project and search for exit opportunities and the investments profitability.

The accumulated experience of the involved entities, not only regarding technology but also finances, places this joint venture in a privileged situation to collaborate in the consolidation of new information technologies projects in our country.

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