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XIII Gesventure Meeting
The Gesventure Meetings take place since 1999, when Gesventure started its activity as a venture capital catalyst in Portugal.
13th Venture Capital IT
The big international event, held in Portugal, about venture capital and new technologies with the participation of international and national top specialists...
Gesventure - About Us
 About us

Francisco Banha
CEO Gesventure, Lda.

Christophe Chausson
President Chausson Finance

The new technologies and information market is growing all over the world at a vertiginous rate.

This growth creates significant opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors sensitive to those actividades…

During its existence Gesventure supported the following projects in obtaining venture capital. (Track Record page)

Being the penetration of the Internet in Europe sensibly smaller than in the United States, the scenery points to a great growth of the information industries, because:

  • The increased value services associated to the Internet that will be driven to the European population should be developed in Europe
  • The "on-line" applications in Europe are less developed than in the United States, so it's predictable that a strong use and growth in this area, especially in banking, distribution and "on-line" commerce.
  • Europe has several areas of "content" of great world search, like tourism, arts, gastronomy, events, design, etc. Thus, the new "on-line" services should allow the access of users, independently of where they are.

With the purpose of reinforcing the technical base of the project, Gesbanha associated with the french company Chausson Finance, that since 1993 has been dedicated to facilitate the projects of financing of new technologies companies, counting with an experience of more than 120 cases. With this partnership, GesVenture intends to consolidate the capacity of installment of services in its activity areas:

  • To offer support services to the entrepreneurs on the industries of the information sector;
  • To channel the coming investment funds and private investors capital for the most interesting projectos
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